Nowadays, I am listening the audio book named “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield (Looks like Art of War but it’s different book). This book discussed about resistance. Individual success is depending on how to handle the resistance inside of your mind. I am not going to reveal too much about this book but content is fantastic. One particular thing relates to me so much that I would like to share this blog. This is about the difference between amateur and pro. This is not really about the skill set but mindset toward what they do…


So what makes difference between amateur and pro? That is…


Delayed gratification vs. instant gratification


This book said that amateur is energized or fired up very quick. And, they start to work but their action quickly diminishes if they don’t see the quick result after their excitement is gone. On the other hands, pros understand this is long process and it will take twice as much time and cost to master their profession. In other words, they are master of delayed gratification.


When it comes to home business (even when I was in real estate), this concept definitely applies. Most people come into my business quit the business because they are so short term oriented. If they don’t see the immediate results, most people won’t keep going. At first, they are very excited and want to create financial freedom. However, once they realize that creating success is as not easy as they thought it is. They lost their interest and never comes back to the meeting. I observed literary thousands of people come and go.


On the other hands, successful leaders are in their business for the long haul. They understand that there is no such thing as overnight success. Even if there is no immediate results or reward, they understand these as process and investment to create real and long lasting success. Every single successful individual I ever come across has this trait. My business mentor has been in my business for over 20 years. She has made millions and millions dollars of profit and yet she focuses on the fundamentals, while most people are distracted with other opportunities because they don’t see the immediate results (It’s called shinny object syndrome).


Do you want to be a professional or amateur? Unfortunately, most people come into home business field act like amateur. This is the reason why most people quit without creating any success. However, if you understand what I wrote in this blog and have long term mindset, you will not only master what you do but also create long lasting success for you and your family.



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