Difference between Nice Leader vs Good Leader

Difference between Nice Leader vs Good Leader

In order to run successful business, one of the most important qualities is leadership.  When it come to my business which deals with lots of people (clients, agents and associates), it is also not the exception.   There are many forms of leadership qualities that needed to be successful.  I have learned leadership qualities not only from mentors in our business but also other people (my boss at previous job).  In this blog, I would like to share one of the leadership qualities.



When I was early in the business, my mentor asked all of us:



Are you a nice leader or good leader?



When I heard this first time, I was puzzled…   What is the difference between those two?



At the same time, I remembered my boss at previous job also asked me the same kind of question. Are you nice manager or good manager?



In both times, I really did not understand what they meant to say…



Now, I am senior partner in business and started to lead and mentor associates.  What they meant started to become clear…



When I am mentoring the associates, I usually hear associates concerns (can be excuse?) when it comes to keep doing this business including but not limited to:



  • I don’t have time to do this business because I am so busy
  • My family does not support me so I cannot do this business
  • I don’t have money so I cannot go to the training
  • I have kids so I cannot leave kids alone and go to the training
  • I am just too tired to do this business…
  • List goes on and on…



When I was managing the people in previous job as manager, I was hearing same kind of concerns (Excuse?) from the employees.  Do you know what I used to do?



I was listening and listening and always accepting what they complain.  And,  I really feel bad for them so I always accommodated what they told me and I did not implement the things that management tells me to do.  So in the end, I got the heat from management and my boss…



And, I was wondering why I am always the one who is not successful and gotten complaint…



After becoming senior partner in my business, I finally understand what they want to say to me…



What they wanted to say is…



As leader, we are here to make sure that each associates become successful in business.  If we are only nice, we will never be able to make associate successful.  In fact, we are actually killing their business and their future by accepting their excuses and do not let them the things that make them successful.



My boss always used to say to me:



If you are only nice manager, it is not good for anybody.  You are actually destroying employees family and future by destroying our company’s profitability.  We can only provide good compensation by having good profit.



When I was told this by my boss, I did not like that and in fact, I did not like him.  But, after I was in the position, I totally understand what he was talking about and now I appreciate his word…



If you are leading people, they are following you because they believe that you can bring them to the promise land (Whether this is financial freedom, more money or / and time freedom etc).  As a leader, we always keep asking the question if your actions and treatments make them successful or kill their dream or goals.  We are here not for the sake of making friend with them (although it can be part of it) but make them successful.  Your mentees or subordinates may not like what you tell them to do in the beginning.  But trust me,



They will appreciate you after they become successful just like I did…



Are you nice leader or good leader?   You decide…

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