Before talking about today’s blog, have you ever…


You post about birthday, your kids and families and getting hundreds of likes but as soon as you post about your business venture, you only get few likes?


Frustrated isn’t it?


Believe me, you are not alone.


This is not because of your business but because how you post your business to the Facebook. Most people dropped the ball when they post their business update in the Facebook. In this blog, I would like to share how to make your prospects curious about your business and opportunity.


My mentor, Ray Higdon, said “when it comes to marketing, we need to create curiosity of the prospect, don’t create resistance.” Most of people post about their business create prospect’s resistance.


Here is what most people do.


They go into the Facebook and post company website link with company logo saying that “this is ground floor opportunity” or “Join my team!”. In other words, all they talk about is their business. This almost always creates resistance. Not only that, Many may think that people will contact them after seeing this information. However, what most people do is to go to their favorite place, Google to check your company. As you already know, if people check using Google, then it’s not going to be pretty. You won’t know if some even are interested in the opportunity because most will be turned off after checking Google…


Instead of that,


We can always show what you are doing. My favorite way is to show the picture of the event, business trip or even family trip picture. Here is the examples:


Event (With picture)“I am in business building seminar with my team / business partners, excited!”

Family trip picture: “I enjoy the family time in … during week day! I am so grateful that we can spend quality time because of my business.”


As you can tell, I am not saying about my business directly but implying with picture. This is actually very seductive and will create some people’s curiosity about what’s your business all about without telling people your company name.


By adapting this Facebook tip, I got many people private message or email about what I am doing in my business. By consistently doing proper marketing like this, you will start to attract more people into you rather than you chase your prospects.



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