Guide to Prospecting in Networking Events

Guide to Prospecting in Networking Events

One of my favorite ways for prospecting is in networking events .  I go to networking events in 3 – 4 days a week.  It is very convenient way to reach out to many people in one place.


However, many people drop the ball when they are in the networking event.  Here is the most common mistake that most people do during networking event.


They only pitch their business…


As soon as they start to talk to the person in networking event, they will say

  • My company does …
  • This is great product that only available through us
  • I do consulting and I have many clients like you
  • etc etc


Problem of you pitching your business in networking group is


Others also want to pitch their business too so…


You want to pitch your business + others that you talk to also want to pitch their business = it does not really work…


Instead of that, I go to the networking event with open ears.  Instead of pitching what I do, I listen as we have two ears and 1 mouth so use them accordingly…  So here is what I do

  1. Introduce myself
  2. Asking questions and listen what they talk
  3. Catching their concern, hot button (What they are looking for)
  4. Provide information that potentially address their hot button (Free giveaway)
  5. Get their contact information and set up coffee appointment


I am always asking people in networking event to get more information about them as well as small hot button of what they are looking for.


Sometimes, they express their hot button, burning questions.  Here is the extra thing that I do.


I will give them what they want…


This does not have to be the thing that cost us.  It can be information like website, book or audio recommendation and other meetings.  All those information should help prospects to solve their problem.


Once providing information that potentially address their hot button, they will be surprisingly open.


Right after this, I ask their contact by saying that “let’s exchange the contact so that I can send the information”.


Because they want to have the information, they will never say no to you.  At the same time, I also set up next coffee appointment.  If you do above process correctly, you can set up the appointment on the spot.


That’s how I prospect people in the networking event.  This is very key that you listen much more than you talk to them about your business.  Be different from the competition.  By doing this, you will be apart from most of the competition.



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