How to Handle “I don’t have money” Objection

How to Handle “I don’t have money” Objection

Have you ever encountered in closing situation (Either sales or recruiting) where your prospect say


“I would love to but I don’t have money…”


If you are in home business, I bet you got this objection often (Probably many times…).  In this situation, how would you do?  Are you going to give up closing process altogether?  In this blog, I would like to share how to handle this “I don’t have money” objection.


Before talking about objection handling, here is the truth to this objection…


Whoever say this objection, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.


Unless you are prospecting homeless people, 99.9% of people have access to the money, although they may not have abundance of the money to spend.  This is all depending on if they see the VALUE of whatever you have to offer.


Let me elaborate what this means…


If you are dead-broke (You don’t have money in the bank nor don’t have access to the credit card) and you are offered to buy brand new TESLA for $500, would you find the money?


I can bet close to 100% of people, whether you will beg and bug your friends and family or going to the pay-day advance to get the money. will find the money.


People will find their money (Even if they don’t have money) if they see that value is outweigh the cost…


So what can we do?

Here is the skill that I learned from Cesar L Rodriguez and Ray Higdon.   When your prospect say “I don’t have money”, you will ask this.


“How far off are we?”


This question is very powerful.  Without asking this, you are battling with full amount that you are asking.  Let’s say your product / opportunity cost $300 to start, if they say, I have $200 in my bank account, then you are only battling with $100 not whole amount of $300.


Then you ask qualifying question to see if they interested in involved in your deal like “Do you see yourself doing this?”  If answer is no, then you won’t at least waste any more time of you as your time is the most important commodity.


If answer is yes, then you will ask your prospect “How can we get the remainder of the money?”  This question let your prospect think little more deeper to find the way.


You may think that it won’t happen like this.  It happens all the time.


I had experience where they don’t have any money in the bank but after I asked this question,


“I don’t have money  today but my pay-day is coming up tomorrow so I will use that money to join your opportunity”.


My response, “Great!  Let’s make this happen”


This objection is so common.  You need to have objection handling strategies to overcome this objection.  Otherwise, your prospects will always get away with you.



I hope you got great value out of this blog post.  If you want to get my detailed notebook, 9 Lessons to Become Successful Home Business Entrepreneur, you can just download  by filling your first name and email address.


P.S: I learned this tip from Cesar L Rodriguez.  He is great business builder.  I also learned how to prospect stranger.  If you are in the business and don’t know how to approach people, Cesar’s prospecting training will help…

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