Home Business Building Tip: Should You Attend Company Events?

Home Business Building Tip: Should You Attend Company Events?

I have heard question from many associates asking me if they should go to the company events.  Questions / comments are ranging


  • I don’t have any team members in my team yet.  Should I go to the company events?“.
  • I don’t need any motivations. Should I go to the company events?
  • I want to go but I don’t have money…


If you are in your home business long enough, I am sure that some of your team are asking that questions to you…


To me, company event is absolute key to your success in home business. I never missed company events as I was biggest beneficiary of it. My organization has grown exponentially every time I (and my team) attended company events (One of my team members totally transformed after he went to my company event.  Please see the detail video below 🙂 ). I have never seen anyone created very successful business without attending company events. Then, why it is so important to go to the company events?


In success in home business (or I can say any worthwhile endeavors), 1% is skills which you may learn at company events and 99% is belief where you will DEFINITELY learn at company events.


By being in the big environment with successful people as well as hearing the sharing from people from all walks of life, you will be instilled the belief into your head.  Your mind will be altered.  Your company may have weekly meeting or webinars. However, company events won’t be able to duplicate this environment and excitement.  You will be equipped with solid belief (About your business as well as yourself) after being in the big environments.


Whoever your team saying not going to the company event is almost saying to you that “I don’t want to create success in the business”.


You might be only yourself in your organization now. However, by leveraging your company events (to yourself and your team members), it is totally possible that your business may transform to whole new level.


So, should you go to the company events?  I will say 100% of the time, “Yes you should!“.



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