Does this blog title catch your attention?  Good!  Recently, I lost over 30 Lbs of my weight in less than 2 months (Obviously, I agree that my weight was so heavy that it is easier to lose 30 Lbs in short period of time…). As my weight lost effort looks obvious to many of my friends, many are wondering and ask me “HOW” I did it. Although many might think this is not about success / personal development / wealth building, trust me, it will tie very closely with what I did.

When my friends ask me “HOW” I did it, I just gave two simple words…


Eat less and exercise more…


After hearing this, many look disappointed and ask me “That’s it?”


Yes that’s it. This is “HOW” I lost 30 LBs in less than 2 months…


Then I ask them, “most people know what they need to do in order to lose weight but do you have patient enough to keep doing what I did for a long period of time until you get the result you want?


Most people cannot answer this.


You know my point.  If we eat less and exercise more, we will lose the weight as well as stay healthy. You know it, I know it and everyone knows it. However, why most people still go to McDonald and eat big double quarter p0under with large fries instead of eating salad? Why most people watching TV in coach with potato chips instead of hitting to the gym 3 – 5 days a week?


Most people understand “HOW”. However, most people don’t understand power of compounding. Many hear the word “Compounding interest”. I am sure that most people hear this word very often but few truly understand about power of compounding. Many think compounding is only for money. It is for everything in life. For me, I use compounding for my weight and my well-being. I had small discipline of eating less and exercise more day in and day out for around 2 months. This effort compounded over time and here I am, I lost over 30 LBs in less than 2 months…


On the other side of the equation, what if I keep eating McDonald for over 2 months? (or even longer like many do?) Yes, I will not only gain so much weight but also my health will eventually get affected. However, still many people are doing this. Let me ask you.


Why many still do that? Here is the answer.


By eating fastfood today, will you suddenly get cancer or very bad disease? No. If it does, I doubt that any of people will eat fastfood ever again. That’s the reason why most people still eat fastfood because they are not going to die instantly. However, keep eating fastfood for long period of time will slowly but surely kill your body.


This is same as creating success. Let’s say you need to go to business training every week. By skipping one session, does it destroy your business? No. But, many wanna-be business owners I know quit their business because they think skipping the meeting / training does not matter. Therefore, their business does not grow as much as they hope to grow and they disappointed and eventually, they are gone…


We need to remember… Compounding is always working in either for you or against you; either growing or dying…


Whether you attempt to lose weight, stay healthy, create success in business / investing, you need to remember…


We already know “HOW”. We need to know discipline as well as distinguish if you are in upward slide side of compounding or downward slide of compounding.



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