Yesterday, blog is about invitation; how to reduce No-show for your opportunity meeting. However, do you wonder how to properly find the hot button of prospect and invite them without saying too much? Here is how to do it.


When it comes to invitation, common mistake that most newbies make are first not talking to enough people. Second, talking too much to their prospects that they talk to. As my mentor said, they will quickly jump to the wrong conclusion if you talk to them too much. So how to do that?


You can by all means take your time to chitchat with your prospect to find hot button whether you are in the coffee meeting with cold prospect or talking to your friends. However, by the time of invitation, do your best to talk to them within 2 – 3 minutes. If you talk to them longer than that, then you are talking too much as my mentors say that you are showing trailer not movie…


Here is common question when I shared invitation tips. Many newbies ask “But what if they push me around?” or “what if they ask what is it?”


Typically, prospects ask these sort of question if you are not postured. Meaning, the way you talk is very weak and you have no confidence. People that I talk to rarely ask me these questions any longer because how I carry myself.


Also, if you are not properly grasping their hot button, then your prospect may ask these sort of questions because they don’t see the benefit and why they should go to your meeting.


However, here is several things that you can say.


Break In Communication (BIC)

My mentor, Ray Higdon teaches this and works very well. Basically, before you invite people, you will say to prospect “I will go to the meeting soon” or “I need to jump into the conference call“. By saying that, even if prospect asks question, you can easily defer their question by saying “I will be busy so I cannot say now”. What this does is preventing you from saying too much.


My favorite way

You can always say “If I have time, I would. If I explain to you this, it will be few hours conversation so why don’t you set up for meeting or you can come to the meeting to find out“. If you say this with proper tone of voice, most people don’t say back (At least in my experiences).


These two are working well. However, you don’t even need to use these if you are properly postured. Meaning, you carry yourself well. If you get questions like above, you are probably not postured well enough and I highly recommend you to work on posture.



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