Are you struggling to finding the people to talk to? Especially, when it comes to home business niche, you need to talk to many prospects even cold prospects. Although there are so many great online tools like Shapr and, reality is:


If you are really serious about building your home business, using passive tools like above itself is probably not enough to provide your with enough prospects…


I know so many people rush prospects to take actions (inviting them to the meeting or one on one appointment etc) way too early and turn them off completely. Why most home business entrepreneurs try to rush thing? There is only one reason.


Because of not enough pipeline for them to follow up period.


If you have enough people in your pipeline until extent where you can’t follow up, you will never feel to rush one individual…


So question becomes,


How to find more people to talk to?


Today, I will talk about cold market prospecting at mall.


If you hear about cold market prospecting at mall, many will be freaked out like “Oh my god, you are talking to total stranger? Well… I am focusing on the people working in the mall (whether or not retail stores or kiosk). Here is the reasons.


  • Relatively easy to start initial conversation because they are already there and they think I am potential customer
  • I can approach any people (owner, employees)


This does not mean that all of them are open to listen what we have to say. In fact,


Most are not…


Just like any method in home business, law of average is always working. In my experiences, you will get 1 quality prospect out of 10 people that you talk to…


Still uncomfortable? Here is some tips:


Tip 1: Two people in pair

It is very intimidating for only one person to prospect especially this is your first time attempting. However, if there are two people in pair, this will give you courage to talk to people. Also, the other person can jump in when you stack (When prospect asks question). We found out that 3 people are too many…


Tip 2: Can you say first sentence?

Are you the one who have no problem talking to people once prospect engaged to talk to you but have huge fear to have initial conversation? Believe me, you are not alone. I know many people in home business can talk to people once prospect talk to them but they have absolute fear to approach them. Here is what I found out.

Starting initial conversation (mentally…) is 99% of the battle. Once you can say the sentence like “Hi my name is … I would like to see the owner or manager please?”, it’s just become another conversation that you are all familiar with. You will be pleasantly surprised “wow! Once initial conversation is over, it is pretty much the same as what I always do”.


Tip 3: Keep in mind about law of average

As I said, law of average always works. So don’t be discouraged after only you talk to few people. You need to talk to enough numbers of people to get certain amount of outcomes. Believe me, if you talk to enough people (like 20 – 30 people), there will be some people even stranger are interested in what you have to offer.


I have been doing this method for a while and I start to accumulate massive numbers of potential prospects to follow up. The more you have people in the pipeline, the more you will relax even if there is appointment cancellation because you have so many people to follow up.



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