How To Ask Right Questions To Prospects

How To Ask Right Questions To Prospects

Have you ever been told from your mentor that you need to ask questions rather than talking to prospect?  And, are you the one who wonder what kind of questions we need to ask to the prospects?  Believe me, I was there before.  When my mentor taught me, I was wondering “What kind of questions? Anything is ok?“.  It is obviously not the case. In this blog, I would like to share how to ask prospects to not only carry out the conversation but also create curiosity of what you do at the same time.


During the one on one appointment, casual coffee appointment or even prospecting someone in somewhere, you need to carry out the conversation.  Asking questions is one of the best ways to control the conversation.  By asking right questions, you can bring prospect to any directions that you want them to bring. However, many are struggle what kind of questions they need to ask.  Here is what you should ask…


  • About prospect’s family even when you talk to the stranger for prospecting
  • About prospect’s occupation
  • About what prospect does during weekend etc


Some engineer type people may think that “ok, we can ask that questions but now what?“.  Believe me, you will find some more things that you can dig in if you ask those questions above.  So, by asking those questions, you will find their hot button (What they are looking for or interested in) so that you can ask deeper or use this to propose what you have.  Here is example,


After some conversations, I asked what he does,


Mr Prospect:  I am social media consultant

Me: Ok, so exactly what you do?

Mr Prospect: I am mainly helping companies with social media, website and so on.

Me: Wow! I am also doing my website and want to learn more about social media! (Agree and found the common ground)

Mr. Prospect: (Excitedly) sure, I can share more with you about strategies in the future. By the way, what you do?

Me: I have business in … (out of respect to the audience, I am not mentioning my field), I help people with …

Mr. Prospect: Wow, that’s interesting.  I actually thought about learning about that too. So exactly how you do it?
(Shows bit of hot button, we can use this for either asking for more detail or use this to propose what your product / service or opportunity)

Me: Mainly, provide education at my office.  Since you are mentioning about you want to learn more …  We host education session, why don’t you come to learn?

Mr. Prospect: Sounds great, I would love to, what time and what day?


This happened yesterday by the way…


Many are paralyzed what to ask.  Key is asking questions but those related questions above and at the same time, find the common ground just like above conversation and agree with that person.  Sometimes, you will find the hot button when you are asking about their work or family. However, if you ask questions like this, you will find something to work with…



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