When you saw this title, you might think “This is not possible…“.  It actually is possible. If you physically try to become number one every single time, yes, it is almost impossible. But, I am talking about state of mind…


My mentor always said to me…


In our business, you will be a winner as long as you compete with other peers, even if you lose from the competition


Honestly, I heard this sentences so many times. However, I did not fully understand what’s really meant in the longest time until very recently…  Here is the story…


Now, I am in the accountability program where top 25 business owners have to share the results of previous day every day from Monday through Friday. This forces me to take more actions. Especially, I feel extremely uncomfortable when I repeatedly have to tell coaches I don’t have any progress for few days straight.


Sometimes, I observe many of peers share so many results  (Big sales, big progress and breakthroughs). This further gives me so much pressure.


Honestly speaking, sometimes, I started to have negative thoughts / excuses in my head like:


  • This person is such a high credential in his / her chosen field and I did not have…
  • This person has so much great personality and I don’t have
  • This person has so well connected. That’s the reason why he / she can create so much success but it is not me…
  • Etc etc, you name it…


While I sometimes felt those thoughts above (But I never say it), I also realized that I am doing the things that I have never done or never dare to do; I felt I am having small progress and improvement and I saw progress that I never saw before. During that moment, I realized what my mentor said…


Competition is not about win or lose. Through competition, all participants will do the best to stretch themselves so that they will be able to create better results than before competition. Even if you might not be able to win or compete with other peers, you will still win over yourself as long as your progress is better than before. As long as your business (or anything in life) is better than before, then you are winner.


I know many people struggle with negativity in their head, especially for team business. This kind of negativity / envy (AKA, Comparitis) is very dangerous when it comes to building business. I feel much better by thinking about compete yesterday-me against today-me rather than comparing ourselves to peers.



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