How to Become Better Leader

How to Become Better Leader

During this weekend, I had privilege to be coached by my mentor.  She is one of the biggest giants in my industry.  I always feel so lucky and blessed to be groomed by the best business mentor…


One of the topics that she coached me was leadership.  Specifically, “how to become better leader that lead many”…


I always wonder why some teams pull together and others don’t…  In specific, some teams will do anything for the leader to achieve their objective; however, most did not even stay in the meeting or even come to the meeting…  This is all about leadership skill.


Although she spoke many leadership discussion specific to our business over few hours time during this coaching, this point is applicable to any business leaders that want to lead many so I would like to share.


My mentor said,  in order to lead many, you need to

  • Create your vision and
  • Know how to cast your vision to your people


In order to create your vision, you need to ask yourself…


  • Why you join / are doing what you are doing (Business / investing)
  • What do you see yourself 10 years down the road
  • What’s your ultimate goal
  • 10 years from now, what do you see your organization and your team


Then she continued…


Your vision should be very big.  Without your clear vision, how can your team / people follow you?  People never follow the person with small thinking / vision…


Then, she said,


That’s the reason why self-improvement is very important.  We all should strive to become the best version of ourselves by reading books, seminars and association like ours…”


For those who want to have leadership, first thing that we need to do is

  1. Devote for self-improvement = Help create your own bigger vision
  2. Create own vision
  3. Learn how to cast your vision to your people


I remembered this sentence when she mentioned about this…


“People do not join your company.  People will join you…”



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