One of the most important qualities that all successful people have in common is their self-confidence. In fact, many of your leaders and mentors probably said to you and your team that we all need to have self-confidence in order to create success in the business. However, almost no trainers teach how to increase the self-confidence for ourselves. I believe only one way can permanently increase our self-confidence. It’s to take action. Here is why.


In the beginning, all of us are like plain white paper. We don’t have any reference point as to how powerful we are or we can be. Most people don’t have any confident at this stage because they don’t have any reference point that they did accomplish in the past. This is the reason why it is always hard to do the thing at the 1st time.


However, once you do it, now your mind have reference point where you actually did accomplish the challenge. Especially, when it comes to success in home business, many people needs to overcome so many challenges from negativity of friends and families, their own self-imposed limitations and many failures. You might be thinking of quitting so many times. However, the fact that you actually did go through all the challenges and created the success will build you total confidence.


Yesterday, I was at training in my office. We invited the guest speaker. She used to be one of the top realtors in Southern California and quit her real estate career and start to get involved with our company in full time basis. How she talk to the audience is totally different from other speakers / trainers. I can tell that she will be one of the top income earners in very near future because how she carries herself and how she speak. This lady is talking super confident.


However, do you know how much she went through to become who she is today? She’s been in real estate industry for almost decade since she became realtor after her college and she faced so many obstacles and challenges. Moreover, she invested over $1,000 per month for real estate coaching for years just to improve her skillset and mindset. Through her actions, she has built her great self-confidence. If you listen to her, she speaks like CEO because of her self-confidence and how she carries herself. This built through taking actions.


So what’s in between no confidence and the total confidence? It’s taking actions; we need to take action and do accomplish the goal that you set for yourself. This process will build your self-confidence.



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