Have you ever thought that you have hard time building your home business because you feel you are too young?


Yesterday, one of the chairman level person came to speak as guest speaker. She actually started our business when she was 24 years old. In the beginning, she was struggling her business because she could only attract people near from her age (Usually, 20s, they are only thinking about party so you can imagine what’s kind of result she is getting…).


However, after 12 years, she is now one of the most influential figures and building thriving business. One of the attendees ask question, how she went into better market even if she was very young. Then, she started to tell us the secret…


She shared that our business is great equalizer because even young people can attract better market by improving ourselves. When she was struggling in the business, here is what she did.


Dress Code

She started to wear more mature outfits (jacket and suit) even she is young. How many 20s wear the very formal closing every single day? Very few!  According to the Book “Magic Of Thinking Big”, even if we want to think people value inside (Kindness, sincerity, personality etc), appearance is totally matter. People will not look at you seriously if your outfit is sloppy. On the other hands, even young people can get people’s trust if they wear mature clothes. She started to attract better quality market by wearing formal clothes every single day (She even said that she did not have any jeans in her closet).


Association (Meeting, boot-camp, regional event, company event)

Even if you are young, you can always associate with the people who are older and have more wisdom than yourself. By associating with those successful business owners (also mature people), you can always put their wisdom and knowledge into your head. Tip this guest speaker shared is memorizing success quotes. She memorized so many successful quotes into her head along with learning wisdom from her mentors.


By changing these two things, she attracted the better / influential figures, even if she was very young starting business. Even if you are young, people will feel your worthiness if you carry yourself as successful people. People will react to your tone of voice, your philosophy in life and your posture.



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