Constantly, I have been asked from many of team members how to communicate with prospects in the particular situations, such as


  • My prospect is very negative about the company. What should I say them?
  • My prospect said he is doing very well in his career. What should I say to him?
  • My prospect is very busy so they cannot do the business. What should I talk to them?
  • My prospect is very interested in the business but ours. What should we talk to them?
  • Etc…


If any of you have this thought when you approach to your prospects, you still don’t understand about basic communication. It is not about what you say to them but how you say to them. How you say to your prospects will have biggest impact of the outcome of your appointment.


If you are in the home business, your leader probably taught you about weigh of communication. Here is the elements of personal communication:


  • 7% – Content
  • 38% – Tone of voice (Excitement, conviction, feeling)
  • 55% – Body Language


What you say is only 7% of the communication. Yet, many (Especially for those who are new in the business) are so focused and concerned about what they say rather than focusing on rest of 93% of non-verbal language…


Here is an example. My team member set up the appointment with her prospects few days ago and she told me that “this couple is very negative about our business to the extent where they are willing to do the business but our business. However, they are willing to meet with us for the training purpose“.


In this situation, what would you do? If you are only talking about the contents to this prospect, you will be totally crashed because prospect is already so negative and skeptical about the business. Do you know what I did instead?


I talked nothing about business… Literary, 95% of conversation was telling the story (Myself and somebody else’s story).  I shared with her prospects about my journey and how I feel and experienced in the business. During my sharing with them, I just sincerely shared how I and my friends got helped through the business and casting the vision of where we are going…


Before the appointment, prospects were indifferent about our business but now they are ready to listen more detail… When I asked to meet next time for going over detail about the business, they are willing to to meet and find out the possibility of our business (already set up the follow up appointment).


Again, if I talk about only content, can I set up follow up appointment? It is unlikely because I only can deliver 7% by only me talking about content.  In that appointment, I used nothing but non-verbal communication.


Do you want to get result in your business? Then, you need to understand the 93% of communication. Once you understand this portion of communication, you will never ask above questions that only newbie will ask.



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