How To Handle With Negative Prospect

How To Handle With Negative Prospect

Have you ever encountered the prospect who is super negative about your home business?  If you are in your home business in extended period of time, you probably see some people who are pretty negative.  How would you handle with those negative prospect? In this blog, I would like to share how I handle these negative prospects.


At first, most people are very nice enough to listen what you had to share.  I only encounter pretty few people in my business career that totally negative and skeptical.  I have seen some people try their best to convert negative prospect and tried to bring them into the business.  I was also attempting to convert this prospect when I started out.  After I learned from Ray Higdon, I stopped. Here is what he shared.


You don’t need to convert and close 100% of people that you talk to…


And, he taught me handling with posture as well as mindset that we all should have as professional.


When I talked to the prospect and he or she is so skeptical and negative, I will just walk away by saying with posture that “It is not probably fit for you anyway. Thank you for your time“.  I will literally be back off from the conversation almost exact opposite of what most people do…


After responding like above, some people may change their attitude and stop you and ready to listen because many negative / skeptical prospects are not ready for this kind of response.  They are expecting us to beg or be defensive after they show this kind of attitude. However, if you show this kind of energy, they feel mysterious “Wow, this person is not affected in one bit.  I wonder what he / she does”.  Some starts to be curious of what you do.


When you handling those people, it is very important to embrace the fact that there is more of them (Most people) than more of you.  You are the one who change the world by providing value to the marketplace. You are more in demand (You are the entrepreneur, trainer and coach) than the rest of the populations who need help…


Once you carry this kind of energy, high quality people will be attracted to you.



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