Do you want to know how to explode your team? If you are in the home business, I am sure that you want to build massive organization. Chairman level business owner shared the secret how to explode the team during training in Northern California. She shared the experience about how her mentor exploded her organization.  Her mentor’s business exploded when she developed two generals…


Some people may think what’s that mean?


And, she continued, she was one of the generals that her mentor developed and trained…


In early year of her career, her mentor was also struggling just like any of us in the home business. However, she kept not only prospecting people but also going deep with her team to find key players.


After many years of her searching, she found two main key players in her business. After couple of years, her business totally took off… Now, her mentor is making close to $2 million in her business.


This is all coming from finding two generals…


Of course, I am not saying that you should only find two main players. We all should strive to find more key players. My point is you don’t have to build thousands of armies to create financial freedom. Only thing you need to do is to find few key players wanting as bad as (or more than) you want to achieve total financial freedom.


What’s the secret of exploding the team? Yes, you are right. We all need to keep recruiting. Of course, in order to find few major players in your team, you might search thousands of people before finding “ONE”.  At last, I would like to end this blog with what my mentor said,


It’s only one recruit away from explosion…


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