For starter, let’s see this scenario…


You invited someone for the opportunity meeting and your prospect said yes. You are very happy that you will have someone come to the opportunity meeting. You are even so excited that you imagine yourself working with this person and this person can be your super star. However, prospect did not show up to the actual opportunity meeting. No matter how much you tried to contact them, you never hear from them and you felt so depressed.


Does this situation familiar to you? If so, then congratulations! You are taking actions. If you are in the home business and you have never had this experiences then you are not taking very many actions… I know so many people don’t know what to do with this situation. Here is exactly what I do.


Before talking about what to do, here is what not to do (Which most people do unfortunately… That’s the reason why they don’t get the call back…). Most people call them and pound them why they did not come to the meeting. Some people even use the guilt trick like “Oh man, I really need you to come and you said you would come to the meeting…“.  I will tell you this…


None of this crap works…


Here is what you need to understand. We are professional business owner not complainer or whiner. Let’s operate this as professional. What professional would do if their prospect did not show up to the meeting or appointment?


I can give you one example just happened. My prospect did not show up to the opportunity meeting last night, although he said he would come to see if this is fit for him. So, I called him back today and left this voice message.


Hi …, this is Takeshi. I did not see you at the meeting yesterday. That’s was great event and you could not come but that’s totally cool. So many people came to the event and I need to get back with them. So, I will give you a call in couple of weeks.


You know what happened few minutes after my voice message? He did call me back and apologize and would definitely want to come to the meeting next week…


Most prospects are not prepared for this kind of message. They expect us to whine and chastise the fact that they did not show up. However, if you show them the attitude that you are not affected at all of this, this will give them even more curiosity and more people will call back and show up to the meeting.



I hope you got great value out of this blog post. In actuality, result of appointment or opportunity meeting are dictated mostly from the invitation. If you do great invitation (Preframe and set great tone), you already win 90% of the battle. If you want to learn how to securely set up the appointment or increase the success in appointment and opportunity meeting, you might want to consider checking these blog posts out:


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