How to Get Out of Negative Spiral

How to Get Out of Negative Spiral

I just came back from business building event as well as private coaching session from my mentor in Northern California.  I learned a lot from business builders how to create the massive business.


On the way back to the Airport, we had conversation with one of the associates that I work with.  She asked how we can get back from negative spiral into positive state of mind.


In wealth building, we need to be positive.  However, we are all human being and especially, when we tried to push us to the next level, we will be frustrated if nothing is going to our favor.   This happens to everybody.  But, what most people do is to stay being in negative state.  If you think negatively about ourselves, you eventually think more negative thing.  This is negative spiral…


This is not really good place to be in.  We will manifest what we think about.  If we think about negative, then we will attract the negative things so we need to change from negative to positive quickly…


So, I shared with her about 3 things that I do to make my negativity into positive.  Here it is.


  1. Gratitude of what we currently have
    We need to feel gratitude of what we are currently have.  We all need to know that there are people who are facing tougher situation than us.  Some people cannot even see, listen or walk.  For the most part, we can at least function properly; we can talk, listen and walk and at least we can do wealth building activities every day.  We should feel grateful and churlish what we have

  3. Think all obstacles and challenges we are facing are temporary.
    Our tough circumstances or situations are all temporary.  This won’t stay forever.  All we need to do is to keep trying and learning and eventually we will pass through all of those obstacles.

  5. Think all challenges and obstacles that we have are requirements to become successful
    Whatever we are currently facing exist for reasons.  We need those tough times in order to become better person.  Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, quote that we have to become bigger than the problem otherwise we never become successful.  Those obstacles and challenges will make us stronger and bigger than the problems.  If you think that those are path to become successful, you won’t feel so bad about what we are currently facing.


When I am down, I always think those three things to bring my emotional state from negative to positive.  It is very important to keep ourselves to the positive state because we will attract what we think and feel.  When you feel down next time, try to think those three.  You will feel much better.


I hope you get good value out of this blog post.  If you like it, please make some comments!

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