Making more money is definitely one of the many people’s goal and aspiration. Most people are making money by renting out our times, although it is not ideal way of making money as we discussed in previous blog. When I was working in corporate, I heard many of those sentences (Complaints?):

  • Why my boss is not raising my pay?
  • Why … (usually, boss or supervisors whom they think he or she is not deserved to get paid that much…) get paid a lot. This person gets paid like this but this person did not do anything…
  • … get pay raise but I am not. I will file this complaint to the union so that they can fight the company for me.
  • This company is very stingy…

I heard pretty much everything from low pay to so unfair. This is what normal employees think.

I am not denying that I was like that before until I met my mentor and association…

Successful people think exact opposite of what most people think. One of my mentors shared with me how to create success faster. In this context, how we get promoted to the corporate faster.

Are you ready to hear this?

In order to get promoted faster, you need to think like employer (or founder of the company)…

Imagine wherever the company you are working right now is belong to you, are you going to work like you currently working? Probably answer is no…

If you are the founder of the company, you would probably work your butts off; you come to company before your employees come to work and stay to work till everybody leaves…

You would do that because this is your company…

If you treat your employer as if you are treating and running like your company, your employer will start to pay attention to you because you put more effort than they are expecting from you…

Each small extra efforts or contribution is like saving. These will accumulate and compound over time and you will not only be rewarded handsomely in the end but also becoming one of the most important employees of the company that you work for.

It will give you:

  • More money
  • More promotion
  • You become Indispensable

If you are currently complaining to your co-workers how unfair the company or company policies (Which I used to do), stop. Instead, think like your employer and act like your employer. You won’t believe how much you can get reward by doing that.

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