I was listening the sharing from business owner who makes millions in my field of business at business conference past month. She was sharing how she started her business.  This is conversation between her (when she started) and her mentor.


Her mentor: “Do you want to guarantee your success in your business?”

Her: “How do I do that?”

Her mentor: “Never quit and keep coming to the training and never miss. Then you will create success.”

Her: “That’s it? As long as never quit and come to the training, I can be successful?”

Her mentor: “Yes”

Her: “Then I can do that!


Some (maybe many) of attendees probably got skeptical when she said that. Meanwhile, I totally agreed what she was sharing as I have been in the business for relatively long period of time and know what it takes to create certain success.


Many people wonder if there is guarantee way to create success. Answer is…


Yes…  So,




Answer is in the dialog. Word “Never quit“…


Most people quit too soon…


There are lots of people who claims “There is too much competition to get involve in certain businesses…


I don’t feel that… This is because I know this fact in life…


90% of people (Or maybe more) will quit whatever they ever get started…


So, only people whom we need to compete is rest of 10%…


In other words, as long as you don’t give up and stay in this 10%, you will create success…


Here is the success formula from Grant Cardone.


1%: Luck
1%: Talent
98%: Never Give Up
100% Success Formula


Some people might not feel that way. However, all the successful people I ever met have same trait. They stick to their business for a long haul.


One of the examples that I can give is one of my mentors who has been in the business over 20 years. He was very shy and very young when he started his business. He could not talk to anybody due to his shyness. So, he did not have much big pay off for a long time…


Where most people who quit say that “this is not for me“, he kept going. He did not have much skills or luck even back then. However, what he had is his strong mindset of “Never Give Up“. This carry through him for over 20 years and now he is one of the chair person in my organization making impact of thousands of people.


So, how to guarantee your success in business and anything else in life? Never give up. Just keep going until you create success.



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