How To Handle Appointment Breaker?

How To Handle Appointment Breaker?

Have you ever had situation where you set up the appointment with your prospects and this person never showed up?  Then, when you call them to see if they are on the way, you find out that they are not even attempting to come to the appointment?  In this blog, I would like to share how to handle the prospects that usually break the appointments.


Here is what most people (armature) do in home business.  They follow up and prospects usually pick up the phone.  Then, people do either


  • accuse prospect by saying “How dare you.  You said you would come.  Oh man…” or
  • chase prospect by begging them to come back


Those methods never work and your prospects never come back to you ever!!  We need to operate like business owner not whiner…  So, we have to have posture when you follow up on those prospects that break the appointment.  According to Ray Higdon,


“Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance and approval, acceptance or approval”


For me, I fully understand the power of my business and I don’t need cold market strangers or anybody tell me if my business is good or not.


Today, I supposed to have appointment with one of my prospects in my office.  He said he would come but in last minutes, he did not show up.  If I did not ask him, he would not even tell me about this.  So I called him.  Instead of accusing him like most people would do, I said,


“Look, I am very busy and working with so many people who would need my support.  So, tell me if this is something that you would be open to see. I value your time as well as mine and I don’t want to waste my time. If this is something that you would be open to, great.  If not, it’s not big deal” 


He replied, “Sorry about this.  I am interested.  Can we meet tomorrow?”  


This is all about posture; how we carry ourselves. We should never chase, beg and bug prospects.  If you talk to people with posture, you would be surprised that you will get totally different response from your prospect (Even after prospect breaks your appointment).



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