How To Improve Your Communication Skills

How To Improve Your Communication Skills

Do you want to start your own business or thinking about starting one but, you feel building business is hard because you are shy or lack of communication skills? You are not alone.  In fact, I was very introvert when I was working in Japanese company as engineer. I had struggle with communicating with people because I used to work in the office alone most of the time. I have…


  • never done any presentation in front of 10 people.  Even few people, I felt so nervous before
  • felt so awkward when I try to talk to people topic other than my work
  • felt that I don’t want to talk to people unless they approach me first


Clock forward to now, I have decent on communication (Still way more things to improve for sure but…).  Since I started to do my own business, I know I had to change myself.  Otherwise, I will go out of business.  In this blog, I would like to share the tips on how to improve communication skills.


When I was working full time in the job and started part time in my business, I did not have ANY communication skills. So, I know that I need the improvement on that part but changing from very introvert to very extrovert would be impossible jump.  So, here is what I started to do.


Tip 1: Going to Networking Events

Going to the networking event was first thing I did. Generally speaking, people in the networking event want to network with fellow professionals. So, it is much easier environment for you to actually practice talking. Good thing is that you don’t really need to approach them to talk.  They will come to you to talk to you. This is good places for you to be better communicator.


Tip 2: Casually talking to strangers with no purpose in mind

Most people become so nervous talking to stranger in the coffee shop or restaurant or target because they feel they have purpose when they talk to the strangers. You can just initiate the conversation with no purpose in mind.  Just say “How are you doing?” or even only “Hello“. You will be surprised how many good response you will receive. You can practice with that first.  And then, once you start to get used to talking, then you can do next step, asking the phone numbers.


Tip 3: Read the book “How to Make Friends & Influence People”

If you want to improve your communication skills, read Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Make Friends & Influence People”.  This book is one of the must books for you to read. This book will teach you the basic human communication skills.  I personally learned tremendously how to talk to different human being…


Tip 4: Attend Toastmaster

This is another friendly environment for you to talk to people. They are very friendly and they will talk to you. Since Toastmaster is the international organization that teaches people how to do the presentation, you can learn presentation skills from this organization too. Also, this place can be great prospecting place too.


In the beginning, I was extremely shy. However, I kept doing those 4 things since I started my business on 2013. Now, I own 2 offices in my business with consistently teaching my business to the crowd of 50+ people.  So, communication skills is totally learnable skill.  For the people who think about starting business but hesitate to start because of shyness, try those 4 things for extended period of time, you will be surprised how much progress you can make over time…



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