How To Increase Your Internal Success Thermostat

How To Increase Your Internal Success Thermostat

Have you ever heard of success thermostat?  I learned this concept from individual that I highly respect: Ed Mylett.  What he shared is making total sense and I would like to share in this blog.


What is Success Thermostat?

Anyone has internal success thermostat.  Have you ever noticed that some people go back to exactly where they are financially, although they have created success for a while?  Reverse is also true.  You become dead broke due to misfortune but eventually your life style will be back to normal after few months or years.  This is because of success thermostat.  Ed Mylett explained that if your success thermostat is 80 degree, your success becomes 90 degree and your set internal thermostat is 80 degree, you will subconsciously lower your internal success thermostat by subconsciously sabotage your success.  On the other hands, temperature lowered to 70 degree (failing), then you will subconsciously increase your internal thermostat to 80 degree whereby you will eventually go back to your life style.


He taught me this is extremely crucial to change our internal thermostat so that we can create bigger success.  So, how we can change our internal success thermostat?


Power of Association 

I remembered what one of the leaders in my company said:


“You are wired to success but programmed to fail…” 


Unfortunately, most people are not associated with successful people when we are growing up.  We have never taught to think like millionaire.  Inevitably, we are, by default, associating with average people who don’t possess high degree of internal thermostat.  If we keep associating with same people, then we will never be able to change our direction.


Ed Mylett mentioned that we can permanently increase our internal success thermostat by associating with more successful people than you because they possess higher degree of internal thermostat.


By associating with more successful people, those hot environment will alter and influence your success mindset.  Therefore, your internal thermostat will permanently increase if you are in the environment long enough.


It does not necessarily have to be successful people.  You can associate with higher temperature environment by


  • Taking personal development / business courses (online)
  • Reading success books / listening to the audio
  • Getting involved in home business / network marketing business (In my opinion, it is one of the best options)
  • Going to business network meetings


Do you want to change your life for the better?  This will be long process.  But, you will be surprised how much you can change your life by associating with higher identity people who have much higher internal success thermostat.


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