How to Keep Great Team Members

How to Keep Great Team Members

In weekly meeting / training, someone asked great question.  She asked,


“How to keep good people once they join?  I have hard time retaining those good people…”


Do you have any experiences something like that?


My partner said that finding more people will cure this.   Yes, it is true.  Law of large number will always work.  If there is enough people brought into your business, there will be some people who will make it happen.  Number cures all…


However, I added one more comment to the lady that asked that question.


You need to become the person that worthy of the following.  Even if you are bringing in massive numbers of people, people will not stick around or follow you if you are not the quality person.


Always remember this,


People do not join your business.  They join you…


If your people believe that you are the kind of person who will bring them to the promise land, they will follow you and stick with you no matter what happened. However, if people sense that you don’t bring value to the table, people will eventually leave.


This also affects what kind of people you are attracting to…


So, I advised her that we all need to work on ourselves.  We need to improve day in day out so that we can attract better quality people.  This will surely increase the retention of your people.


P.S: If you are in the business and don’t know how to approach people, this training might help…

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