Have you ever gotten not-sure kind of response from prospect when you invite them to the opportunity meeting or one on one appointment? Do you wonder why you have hard time inviting people to the opportunity meeting or setting up one on one appointment because they just not say yes to you?  Have you ever had…


  • Prospect is not really serious when you ask them to come
  • Prospect says “I will TRY” (Means they won’t be there)
  • Prospect says to you I will let you know (Means “No” I am not interested)
  • you don’t know what to talk to the prospect


If you get this kind of response or feeling (last bullet point), then this is huge indication that you need to improve your communication skills. In this blog, I would like to share with you how to make prospect want to come to the opportunity meeting or set up appointment with you.


When it comes to inviting prospects, you need to be able to

  1. Find hot button (Their wants)
  2. Tell story (About you or others)
  3. Preframe prospect (Set the right tone)


It is all about priority. If your prospect feels that this is not worth their time to come to take a look, no matter how much you try to invite them, they will never show up. In other words, if we can give them a enough reason (or make them feel worth it to show up), they will show up. I see people who tend to struggle inviting or prospecting are not able to do either one or all of them. On the other hands, some people who have those three skillsets can literary make their prospects want to come to see your opportunity or set up appointment with you. Let’s see why those are very important skills to learn.


Skill #1: Finding hot button

You need to be able to find the hot button so that we can elaborate the reason why whatever opportunity you have might be good for them (This leads to skill #2: Tell story). In order to find the hot button, you need to be able to ask right questions (FORM: Family, Occupation, Recreation and Message). However, some people mechanically ask random questions that lead nowhere. By asking good questions, prospect will say what they are looking for or want.


Skill #2: Telling story

Once you find the hot button, you will invite them to the opportunity meeting or set up one on one appointment and share them why your business might be the best opportunity for them. Your ability to tell your story to prospect will make your invitation much more persuasive. Literary, how much you can tell story will either make or break the possibility of them coming to the opportunity meeting. After you invite them and elaborate why this opportunity might be for them, you will tell your personal story (or somebody else’s story) to solidify your point. The stronger you can share story with emotion, the more probability that people will be convinced with your belief.


Skill #3: Preframing prospect

Whether you can preframe prospect or not will determine the probability of success in recruiting or sales. Preframing is how we can set the right expectation to our prospect prior to them coming to the opportunity meeting or one on one appointment. Great preframe will make prospect feel that it’s total sense for prospect to come to check out the opportunity. Whereas, bad preframe let them feel that either they are more important than the opportunity itself or it does not make any sense for them to see the opportunity. I have seen so many people do wrong preframe. In that case, most prospects never show up. Even if they do, prospect with wrong preframe will never join your opportunity.


Successful trainers are excellent in those three areas. I have seen (and I have done too) the situation where prospects are indifferent about the opportunity or even negative. Yet, at the end of the meeting, very same negative prospects turned 180 degree change to positive and willing to listen to opportunity. It is totally possible for you to do that if you have those three skillsets. If you cannot properly invite people, then I would guess that you lack the skills in these 3 areas.



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