Have you ever thought how you can motivate your team to do more? Almost everyone thought of this before if you have ever recruited one person into your organization. We all know that we need to work together with your entire organization as a team in order to create success in home business.  In this blog, I would like to share what you can do in order to move your team.


Before talking about what to do, here is what most people do in home business. They become daily motivational speaker and start to do impressive daily motivational speech to their team in an effort to motivate them to do more. Problem is…


It rarely works…


This is because many leaders don’t understand difference between motivation and inspiration…


Motivation is coming from outside force and inspiration is coming from within the people. What most leaders fail to realize is that people rarely change from outside factor but they have to change themselves. So, what we need to do is to inspire your team members not motivate them.  So, here is how to inspire your team.


Tip 1: Inspire them by your action

Instead of impressive motivational speech, you will inspire them by your action. As a leader, we need to do the thing that we wish our team members are doing. You need to lead by example and show them how it’s done. If you keep taking actions, rank advanced, recruit many people, do a lot of sales, there will be some of your team members that inspired by you and take action with you. Building new team is also great way to inspire existing team in that existing team feels urgency to take action.


Tip 2: Bring them to the company event

Bringing your existing team to the company event is always good idea to revive the inactive team members. It’s rarely happened the situation where inactive team members suddenly wake up with realization of “Okay today is the day that I will take my business seriously and take actions!!!”. However, I observed thousands of times where inactive team member went to the company event (unwillingly) and got totally inspired to take actions after the event (Or even during because they are so pumped up).


Motivating team to do more is every leader’s challenge. In the end, people needs to change from within and motivation do little good to move people into action. Those two ways are my primary ways to inspire them from within and take massive actions for success.



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