Do you have team members who


  • never shows up to the meeting no matter how you talk to them?
  • never pick up your phone call (Hoping that you want to create relationship with them)?
  • don’t listen to your instruction and they do their own way?
  • say “I don’t have to go to company event because I am already motivated”?
  • say ideal thing (accomplishment etc) but never take actions?
  • make excuses why they cannot be in the training


If you are in the home business long enough, you encounter those team members. And, I know many think what to do with those people?


Answer is nothing…


One billionaire business owner shared about this… he said


“I can teach all the skillsets available in the entire universe to individual but what I cannot do is to call this individual every morning and get them motivated to work…”


In other words,


We can’t change people…


Trust me, I’ve tried so many times but it did not work… Here is what Jim Rohn has to say.


I was trying to get everybody successful, I said, I will die to make them successful… then I almost died so I gave that up


Change has to come from within themselves not from outside factors…  Here are the potential events that people might change themselves:


  1. Some tragic events happen to them and force them to change
  2. They met people who are much more successful than them and make them change their perspective in life
  3. They went to the environment where they get inspired and change their direction
  4. They SEE YOU CHANGE and they also start to want to follow you


#1 is probably we cannot control (and hope that no one encounter that kind of event). #2, 3 and 4 are happening all the time. In fact,


Those are the only ways that potentially can change people…


Especially, you have control on #4. Only thing you need to do is for you to get better; you go rank advance, you make more money, you qualify for trip. You can show those unmotivated people how much you change. This is 100% up to our effort and completely within our control.


Do you want people to follow you as leader (But no one follow you so far)?  Then, build yourself first. If you build yourself then you can not only turn some of unmotivated team members to active team members but also attract high caviler team into your circle.



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