It is always exciting for all of us when new team member joins to our team. Especially, you will be so excited how new person can change the direction of your business and this person can be your next super star…


However, many people dropped the ball when they do the orientation for new team member. Some may never come back because they did not do proper orientation. Here is the tip on how to properly start up your new team member.


Here is the two most important things that we need to do during start up other than teaching the skillset. Those are…

  1. Find out their commitment level
  2. Set the right expectation


Typically, many people dropped the ball for those two important things. Here is what I mean.


Task 1: Find out new team member’s commitment level

People join your home business for different reasons and goals. Here is what most people make mistake. They assume all of new team members want to become million dollar status or they want to think that new people are also as hungry as they do. Here is the unfortunate fact…


This just isn’t the case…


I have seen so many people tried to treat new team members as millionaire in training without asking their commitment level. Therefore, in the end, new team members are so uncomfortable that they are no longer showing up to the meeting.  I had fair shares of those experiences where I beg, bug and push new team members to do the business as hard as I do and all of them left…


In first orientation, what we can do is to ask new team members how much desire and commitment level they have to build the home business. We treat them accordingly based on their answer. If they join because they want the sense of belonging or are satisfied with being the customer, treat like customer, never treat them like the person who wants to become millionaire. On the other hands, if they say they are committed to become business builder, then treat them as such by asking what you are willing to sacrifice in the exchange of attaining the goal.


This task alone will not only identify committed team member but also dramatically increase the retention of your team. Know this, even if some may not have desire to build the business in the beginning, they may change their mind by staying in your community long enough.


This is the first task that you need to ask to brand new team member. However, I know many brand new team members die in the business (not physically of course) because uplines neglect to do the second task; setting right expectation. This will be next blog.



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