In part 1, I shared that 1st pitfall that most people make when they start up new team member; they assume that all new team members want to build great business like them without asking their commitment level / goal for joining the business. As a result, many uplines drive many new team members crazy and as a result, they quit. So, we need to ask their commitment level and treat them accordingly.


There is one more thing that we need to do during orientation. This is…


Task 2: Set the right expectation

We need to set two kinds of expectations. Those are,


  • Home business is just like any other businesses. We need to put in WORK and it is not easy
  • There will be some naysayer / dream stealer that do not approve what they are doing


Many people do not set right expectation to new team members. As a result, new team members cannot take all the negativity from family / friends / internet. Then, they start to think this business is so hard. If they don’t have proper expectation, probability of them quit after facing rejection is so high. I know hundreds of new team members quit the business because upline did not set proper expectation during orientation. Here is what I says to team member who wants to do the business.


Even if this business is couple hundred bucks to start, our business is just like any other businesses. It will require hard work and commitment. Also, do you easily dissuaded by somebody else’s opinion? In anything worthwhile in life, there will be naysayers or negative people will ridicule the idea of you doing the business or even company. If you are easily dissuaded by them, then it is going to be really hard for you to build the business. However, if you are immune to these kind of negativity, then you have great shot of making business to the massive empire…


By injecting them the right expectation of what likely happen, then they will be ready. In this state, even if they hear the negativity, they will be still ok by thinking “it is normal”.


After I adopt this idea, my team definitely stays longer in business. All leaders know that team retention is so important. The longer new team members stay in business and your environment, the higher probability that they will do the business with confidence. Initial stage is so important as brand new team member is typically very fragile like newborn baby and ability to keep them longer is absolute crucial factor for you to build your team.



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