Last blog, I talked about how to follow up with prospects that did not show up. If we can reduce the number of follow up because they show up to the meeting every time you invite them to come to the meeting, would it be great? I am going to share with you exactly that today (You may want to check out exactly how to follow up with the prospects that did not show up to your opportunity meeting. Click here for more information).


Some people work so hard to invite their prospects to the opportunity meeting or seminar and none of the people they invited show up. However, others can bring anyone like cutting the hotcake. This is because certain people master how to invite people. My mentor, Ray Higdon taught me that 90% of battle is during invite. In other words, how well we can do the invitation controls most outcomes and results (Whether or they show up or no show). So, if you are not inviting your prospects properly, then you have great chance that your prospects will never show up to the opportunity meeting.


Whether or not your prospect will show up is depending on how much your prospect values whatever opportunity you bring to them. If prospect does not see the value, then it is extremely hard to bring them to the meeting. Literary, even if prospect has nothing much going on, they can say straight lie to you “I am busy” or not even show up.


Therefore, it is very important for you to convey to your prospects why it is beneficial for them. Here is my 3 step process of how I invite people.


  • Chitchat
  • Finding hot button (Their needs)
  • Invite (With the reason why they should come)


Important point is to find their needs. By finding what they want, it is much easier for us to talk about the opportunity and how the opportunity possibly fulfill their needs or wants. If the benefit (opportunity) is outweigh the cost (coming to the meeting), then prospect will make decision to show up to the opportunity meeting.


As many trainers will agree, prospecting and invitation (Home business in general) are numbers game. Numbers will cure all of the issue. However, if you can close higher percentage of people to come to the opportunity meeting, then chance of getting results will be much higher.



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