You did wonderful presentation and you thought you can get your prospect on board. Then prospect said to you


I want to think about it…


Have you ever experienced your prospect said to you? I bet you do. I totally understand that this is very frustrating response from your prospect. If we get “No” then we can feel free to move on but think about it? You almost want to say “What do you mean by you want to think about it?”


Recently, I learned very good way to handle this frustrating response from one of the great trainers. Here is how you respond to this.


When your prospect says “I want to think about it”, then you respond something like this:


I totally understand what you meant. In my experience, people say this either two of those reasons


  1. You are not interested or
  2. You are interested but need more information


Which one is it?


Good thing about this response is to pinpoint if they have slight interest or not interested at all. You will get the answer as Grant Cardone said you are controlling the sales process if you ask question and get the answer from your prospect. If they answer #1 then you can easily move on. However, if they answer #2, then you will dig into their question and make sure to answer their questions.


If you get response like this, you need to make sure to ask right question to get the clear answer from your prospect. If you can’t, then there is no shot to closing your prospect.



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