How To Respond With Objection “I Heard Negative Things About Your Company”

How To Respond With Objection “I Heard Negative Things About Your Company”

Have you ever encountered the objection from prospects saying “I heard negative things about your company” before? This is one of the most common objections that prospects may ask you. Yet, many become totally paralyzed when they hear this objection. In this blog, I would like to share how I respond to this objection from the prospects.


First, when it comes to this kind of objection, this is power play. Meaning, the person with more confidence, conviction and posture win over those prospects that do not. So, it is more important to how to answer to the prospect than what to answer. Once prospect sense your weakness after they ask this question to you, then you will be shut down so hard core.  So, maintain your confidence and posture when they ask this question.


Although your posture is the most important element of dealing with this kind of objection, here is couple of the strategies that you can use. I usually say to the prospect who ask this objection.


  • Feel, Felt, Found (Old strategy but it works)
    I understand exactly how you feel. I felt same way myself when my friend asked me to come to the meeting because I also had negative experience from this company before too. But, what I found out was that the meeting that I went last time was totally different from what I experienced before and this time was great


  • Franchise Example
    Have you ever experienced bad service in one McDonald but also got great experience in other McDonald? Home business (Fill in your business) is just like that. It is depending on who is operating. Although McDonald is great business, how business run is depending on franchisee and this business is also the same thing


It works best you can share your own experiences and stories after say this. This will create personalized experience and prospect can relate what you are saying.


Again, you can use this kind of answers all day long but if you don’t have proper tonality to it, then these scripts won’t work at all. When you answer the objection, your confidence and conviction need to be reflected into your tone of voice. That’s why script works like crazy if I use it but it does not work as much for others that don’t have proper tone of voice.


Also, you can even challenge your prospects. For some prospects, this strategy works like crazy.  After you said things like above, here is what you are going to ask.


By the way, are you the type of person easily dissuaded by opinion of others?


Most people never admit to this. So you will say with firm voice,


I am asking this because if you are easily dissuaded by opinion of others, then you will have so much tough road ahead of you. However, if you are immune to those opinions then you will have a shot to create massive success in the business


This question will show your total confidence in your business as well as yourself and many people will be attracted to your conviction.


Most important thing is again your posture.  Your confidence and conviction will be built through taking actions. You will eventually establish perfect posture as long as you are taking actions. If you have perfect posture, trust me, you will never be afraid this kind of objections any longer.



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