Have you ever gotten the question from your prospect about how much money have you made in your home business? Although most prospects have common sense enough not to ask this kind of questions, I had experiences where couple of people that I encountered asked this question. And, I do know that many are struggle answer this kind of question. So, in this blog, I will share how should we respond to this question.


First, here is the tip that I can give you; be honest! When your prospect asks this question, you don’t have to stretch the truth or tell a lie. Let’s say, consider about worst case. You have been in the business for couple of years and have not made any dime yet. When your prospect asks how much have you made, most uncool thing that you can do is to beat around the bush and don’t answer that question. Just honestly tell your situation instead. You can say something like,


I have not made money yet as I was just customer up to this moment but now I became more serious doing the business and am currently groomed to be in the leadership position. I learned so much from my mentor. I know I will create huge business and make money for sure


Just remember that people will follow you not because where you are right now but because where you are going. If you have big vision, where you are right now is totally irreverent.


After saying this, and prospect still said “So you have not made anything.” with skeptical and cynical tone. Then, this prospect is not quality prospect anyway.  Don’t be afraid to cut the code by saying “This isn’t fit for you anyway. Not big deal and see you around“. Just walk away as there are many more open-minded people in this world.


When it comes to dealing with this kind of objection, again, don’t stretch the truth or pretend, be honest but tell them where you are going. You will be surprised many people will listen to you very sincerely and follow you if they are right person.



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