Are you having hard time answering the question from prospects “what do you do?” during networking event or other occasion? This seems very simple and very typical introductory question during networking event. Yet, I’ve seen so many people struggle answering this question… Here is how to answer.


First, this question will be asked by almost all people especially during networking event so you need to be able to introduce yourself. Typically, many people struggle because they are afraid of people thinking that you don’t have big business because they are in part time or turned them off. So, people tend to stretch the truth or pretend something that they are not. It does not have to.


Second, purpose of prospecting is NOT for you to interesting your prospects by telling them what you do but making connections and creating rapport by you being interested in them. So, when your prospect ask you what do you do. Then you will quickly answer what you do and quickly going back to ask questions to them. When they ask me what do I do, I just answer what I do in 5 second and I keep asking about them (Their business, family and their interest etc). This will boost the rapport with your prospect. Remember that prospects want to promote their services rather than listening what you do. So here is what you say.


I assume that most people are in your business part time. Again, you don’t need to stretch the truth by saying I am full time business. You really don’t. Let’s say if you are working for the job as accountant. Then, here is what you say.


I have full time job in accounting but I also have … business on the side.


Then, you quickly ask them back what do they do and ask more questions to them.


This answer is not bad at all. Most people (Especially newbies) overthink it and blow it by becoming so nervous. People will feel their nervousness just to hear their tone of voice…


I learn this phrase by Ray Higdon. When you talk to people, be human being.  People know how to ask their friends out by going for dinner or even answer what they do in their job like real human. However, as soon as they started their own business, they lost the ability to communicate with different human being. Even in business setting, we are still talking to the human and we will still talk the same way as before…



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