How To Respond With The Question “What’s Your Company Name?”

How To Respond With The Question “What’s Your Company Name?”

Have you ever been asked from your prospect, “What’s your company name”?  I have seen so many people are struggle to answer this question from prospects. Some are totally paralyzed with this, others became totally weird as if they stop being human (It might be funny but, this is no joke…).  In this blog, I would like to share how to respond with the question “What your company name”?


At first, you need to ask yourself why you will get this kind of question.  People usually get this sort of question if they are not postured when they approach with their prospects.  In many cases, I can approach and invite prospects without them asking me what is my company name.  When I talk to people, I am confident and postured so that they don’t really feel suspicious or don’t feel weird when I bring the main topic.  On the other hands, the person with no confident will be crashed very easily by prospects asking many questions!


The reason why prospects ask you this sort of question is, in most cases, hearing the company name to quickly rule it out. So, when they do ask question, it is very important for you how you answer this question.  When they do ask question, DON’T BE WEIRD!!! If you answer their question with very weak and non-confidence voice then you will be totally crashed…  They will say “Nope, I have heard of it.  I don’t want to be part of it…“.  Instead, you will answer with posture and confidence.  “My company name is …, are you in or out?“. If you carry this kind of energy with confidence when you talk like this, you will get totally different reaction from your prospects…


Bottom line is that most people won’t ask this question if you have great confidence in you and your voice.  As Ray Higdon say, “In terms of tactical prospecting / recruiting success, having posture or not is number one differenciator”.



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