In the sales or home business, have you ever felt unfair that some people are making a killing, while you have absolutely nothing going on in your business? Do you justify the situation where some people are doing great and you are not because


  • They have more credibility than you
  • They have better education background than you
  • They are already much more successful than you
  • Their market is better than you
  • They are already more experienced than you
  • They are more skilled than you


Especially, in sales / home business context, there are lots of recognition and many (That not doing well) compare themselves with those who do well and feel unfair… No worry…


I was there too…


However, what if I tell you that you can win over them, even if you are in the above situation(s), would you do it? Here is how this works…


Jim Rohn, the foremost business philosopher and many of my mentors said…


You can make up in numbers what you lack in skill.


This is not only applicable to the skills but also all of above situations.


The person with good credibility, better education background and better market may be able to get result every 2 people they talk to. You may be able to get result every 10 people you talk to. However,


We can do more. In competition with them, if they talk 10 people to get 5 results, then you can talk to 60 people and get 6 results. You can still beat those who are considered better situation than you. Specifically, you can


  • call more people
  • talk to more people
  • attend more networking events
  • set up more appointments


And, great thing about law of average is…


Average will increase if you do practice enough time. Over time, your skill will get better, your credibility will improve, your experiences will improve. All those things will contribute and lead to success.


Only question is…


Can you embrace the law of average and take massive actions in spite of this unfairness that you feel toward others?


I know this is really hard medicine to take. Most people just blame their circumstances why their situation is unfair and quit… Can you be part of 5% that embrace this and take action?



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