How To Use Your Frustration To Your Advantage

How To Use Your Frustration To Your Advantage

If you are in the journey of becoming entrepreneur, I am sure that there is a time when you feel frustrated.  Certainly, I have those frustrating moments in fare share of times for my wealth building journey.  When things did not go their way, most people tend to get frustrated and focus on current circumstances of why they don’t have result.  As a result, they get depressed.  I have seen so many people frustrated and disappointed and in the end, they quit whatever they started because they are so frustrated with the current result. However, successful people take this word “Frustration” in totally different angle. In this blog, I would like to share how successful people think about the word “Frustration”.


Today, my mentor came into our group’s leadership meeting.   She shared about many business building tips. However, one sentence that she said hits me hard.  She was sharing about how to not only overcome frustration but also use frustration to our advantage.  She said,


Frustration can be good or bad.  For me, I seek frustration so that this will make me grow.  I am looking for frustration for my growth in every aspect.


I was blown away with her statement.  For most people, frustration often kill their soul completely.  I know so many people started to do their own business but most quit and went back to full time job because they are so frustrated with the results.  On the other hands, successful people have same frustrations as most people but difference is that they leverage frustration to grow themselves.


I had to confess that my business is plateau while other people that I know create massive growth in their organization.  I was extremely frustrated because I was comparing my results to others until I heard what my mentor shared. I need to welcome this frustration since my strong frustration will be opportunity for me to grow my organization as well as myself.


She also said that one of the most critical component of change is extreme frustration.  You need to be frustrated so bad in order for you to change…


Now, I realize that I am at the right path as long as I accept my frustration and leverage it to my advantage…



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