For those who are striving for creating financial freedom, have you ever gotten the word from someone close to you that you are always working so hard? If so, congratulations! You are on your way to create success in your life!  Some are even so concerned (or part feel left out?) that they will start to say to you that you are sacrificing the family and working so hard. You should get the balance in life.  Here is something that I just got sharing from my good friend, Duy and I totally agree with him. Here is what he shared,


In order to get the permanent balance in life, we sometimes need to be in temporary imbalance.


Some people may not understand what this mean. However, understanding this will dramatically increase the odd of your success. Here is what this means.


Ed Mylett, the peak performance expert and business coach, said something like this,


God first, family second and business third and order always stays this way. This is something I can’t compromise but sometime, allocation of time in each one will be different in order to make this order permanently better and stronger


If we want to achieve your dream or attain financial independence, sometimes, we can’t always keep in balance in life. There will be a season where we need to put more time (major time) on the thing that leads to this outcome that you desire. Just like any investments, the more we put money upfront, the more money will compound over time. Attaining goal and dream is the same thing. We need to put front load our major time in order for your effort and result to compound.


In most people, they always try to balance their life without imbalance. This is the reason why many people get imbalance at the end of their life.  For me, I don’t mind working hard (I mean hard) for 5 – 7 years and rest of my life afterward is totally free. And, so does many people who created the success think this way as well.


For those who wants to create major success in life, put major time on the thing that leads to your overall success. You need to be in temporary imbalance in order to be in permanent balance in your life.



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