How You React The Unfairness Determine How Fast You Create Success

How You React The Unfairness Determine How Fast You Create Success

Have you ever felt unfair when you are struggling for your business, while others who came later than you created the results like hot cake?   If you are the one feel that way, you are not alone.  Here is what Ray Higdon’s post in the Facebook:


“Often, Life isn’t Fair.

How you react to the unfairness will determine the length of time it takes to reach your goals, the quality of people you attract to you and your level of happiness along the journey.”


Then he wrote


“Normal people react to unfairness expressing how the situation, life and people suck.”


This post really nailed on my head and I really need to hear this message…


Some people (Especially, just starting out) reading this probably have no idea.  However, I am sure that other (In the business long time) knows what this talks about…  Let me paint a scenario to you.


You are in the business for a long time and your friend joined in the same business.  You are still struggling to create results while you observed your friend is creating results like hotcake, outrank you soon after this person joined and many of the people in the team appraise his or her success.  When this thing happens, here is how most people react:


He is lawyer, CPA, or high level occupation fill in the blank (or any other circumstances that make them think it is unfair).  He is very well connected.  Compared to him, I am not well connected at all.  No way I can compete with him.  This is suck.  My situation is very unfair compared to him.


On the other hands, Ray Higdon wrote:


“Unusually successful people react quite differently.  They look for the internal lesson (vs. the external reasoning) and often increase their efforts.”


Here is some examples:


You were talking to your prospect but this prospect did not join.  Someone else talk to the same prospect after and you find out that this prospect join them.  It sucked but this should inspire you to become better and create the character, skills and mindset necessary to bring anybody on board.  You are leading the team so well that this prospect later on regret his or her decision to join somebody else.


You have spent your major time training key leader and this person left your organization and it jeopardizes your profitability of the organization in big time.  It’s suck but this inspire you to create better team, training and your skill and mindset to build many more (and better) leaders.


When I read his post, this really hit on my head as I definitely am guilty of this feeling sometimes.  At the same time, I learned so much from this post so I wanted to share this with everybody because I know that many feel that way and this share will definitely help lots of people.


Because we are all human being, we sometimes feel life’s unfairness.  However, if you STAY negative and keep feeling unfair about all those, then it’s going to be very tough road ahead of you as an entrepreneur.



I hope you got great value out of this blog post.  I really want you to read Ray Higdon’s original post.  I am sure that this post will help many of you guys.  You can access his post by clicking here.


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