How Your Comfort Zone Is Killing Your Success

How Your Comfort Zone Is Killing Your Success

As I have been in wealth building journey since 2008, I have seen so many wanna-be investors / entrepreneurs hoping to create major success. Unfortunately, over 90% of those motivated individuals disappeared completely out from wealth building arena. Although there are many reasons for their failures, most typical failure that I have observed almost thousand times is


People settled for less than they can be…


Do you wonder why people settle for less than they can be? Simple! This is because…


They won’t be able to (or refuse to) step outside of their comfort zone… This is by far the biggest reason why most people will not make major success. I will tell you this.


If people do not step outside of their comfort zone, they will NEVER create success… Just think about it. If we can create major success by just being comfortable, then everyone is already millionaire…


In most cases, they are, at first, willing to pay some prices. However, after facing the situation where they are so uncomfortable to handle, they start to get hurt. Pain in being uncomfortable eventually becomes so great that most will go back to the environment where they used to belong.  Here is the two most typical examples of settling less.


Example 1: Job => Investor => Job (E => I => E)

I have seen so many employees who want to create passive income through many different investments. They are so fired up at first. However, process that they need to go through (Losing money, deal does not go through etc) is becoming so painful that their motivation is becoming smaller and smaller. In the end, they are going back to where they belong; back to the job. I have seen some people literary throw  5 digit money into investment education company and did absolutely nothing and went back to the job…

I would say this is over 80 – 90% of people who try to transition from job to investor…


Example 2: Self-employee => Business owner => Self-employee (S => B => S)

This is another cases that I typically see. As self-employee, they are already doing pretty good of what they do. However, they don’t have any time since they have to do all by themselves. Inevitably, they aspire to become business owner so that they can create system that people will work for the system (or leveraging existing system like Franchise business).


They have good mindset and they already have what it takes mentality (Most self-employee). However, they don’t get used to certain thing that required to become business owner, such as leadership skills, communication skills and business owner mindset. As they start to deal with people (not customers but team members / employees), they become so frustrated and get so much stress from dealing with people that they start to feel that this is not really worth it. They eventually think that they can still do all by themselves as they can control themselves much easier than dealing with people.


In the end, they go back to where they belong as they are so comfortable working for themselves…


Both examples are very typical. I have seen hundreds of those examples.  And, all of them comes from…


They are settling less than they can be. In other words, they don’t want to step outside of comfort zone.


Sometimes, I feel bad for them because they will NEVER be able to reach where they want to be by being comfortable…


Do you want to create major success that few only can achieve? First requirement is stepping outside of comfort zone. Never settle for less than you can be…







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