Importance of “Being”

Importance of “Being”

When I was starting out my wealth building, I read numerous Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad books.  Especially, one of his books, Rich Dad Cashflow Quadrant talks about “Be-Do-Have”.  When I first time read the book, I did not understand how important this thinking is.


As I gained more experiences and wisdom, I realized that thinking of “Be-Do-Have” is crucial in order to achieve great success in any wealth building endeavor…


Most newbies just starting out thought…


  • “If I start and do real estate like very successful real estate investors, then I will also become very successful”
  • “Once I start and do my business, I will gain great passive income and I can retire”


In other words, most people tried to “DO” first without thinking about “BE” part.  They tried to do this because they thought that’s what wealthy and successful “DO”…


It is easier for me to use example of my business.   Many people start to doing my business.  They come in with high hope and expectations.  However, over 80% of people start the business disappear in 1st year…  Have you ever wonder why it is the case?


Here is what most people do based on “Be-Do-Have” model:


  1. Doing – Treating like a hobby

    They sometimes come to the training, seminar and meetings because they don’t feel like to coming for whatever the reasons.  In other words, they are not treating business as real business.

  2. Being – Being “Not serious entrepreneur”

    Once most people do not act like true entrepreneur, those lazy acts and experiences will input into their subconscious.  As a result, they become less and less confident for themselves.

  3. Having – Having crappy results

    As a result, they can only get crappy results.   And eventually, they quit…

This is all because they assumed that they would become successful as long as they “DO” what successful / rich people do.


This not only applies our business but also all other wealth building opportunities.  Wealth building opportunities are just vehicle that get us to our ultimate goal: Financial Independence (Have part)…


No matter how much they tried to utilize or “DO” what rich and successful does.  As long as their mindset is “Poor” or “Middle Class” mentality, they still wind up with having what poor and middle class have…


That’s the reason why most people fail even if they tried to “DO” what the rich and successful does…


This is the reason why “Being” part is crucially important.  First step to getting out of the “Poor” and “Middle Class” mentality is to understand that there is no magic ways to become successful and realize the importance of self-improvement.  Whether or not we achieve success is 95% about thinking and only 5% so called “Vehicle” (How part).


Once we all work diligently on strengthening “Being” part, this will allow us to take strong and massive actions (Do) and eventually getting financial freedom (Have)…




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