How to Improve Your Results in Life

How to Improve Your Results in Life

Today, I attended business and leadership event at one of the biggest insurance companies in the world.  Executive from the company as well as other business builders teaches us how to build the successful business.  It was indeed great event.


During the event, I got great tip from one of my mentors when it comes to creating more results in life.  In this blog, I would like to share one of tips that I got.


When most people had bad times or disappointment.  In business, it translate to:

  • Appointment did not go well
  • Main team member that they trust left your organization
  • Simply they don’t have enough results that move their business forward
  • etc


In this situation, most people have inclined to blame outside factors, such as…

  • This team member left because of their problem
  • They did not create result because their partner did not do the job
  • They could not close the deal because their prospect is not really quality prospect
  • Etc etc


My mentor said to everybody that


Instead of blaming somebody else’s I always look at myself and ask myself

  • What can I do differently?
  • What can I improve? How can I improve?
  • Is there anything that I can do at that situation?
  • Am I doing something that I am not supposed to do


She always look at herself to improve not blaming somebody else for the problem.


Moral of the story that I got is…


Successful people take total responsibility of what happened to them.  Whereas, unsuccessful people never take responsibility and blame somebody else for their problem.  The more you focus inside of yourself and improve, the more you create the results that you want.


Do you want to create more results in life?  You need to always ask yourself about how can we improve rather than blaming outside factors.



I hope you got great value out of this blog post.  If you want to get my detailed notebook, 9 Lessons to Become Successful Home Business Entrepreneur, you can just download  by filling your first name and email address.


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