Invitation Tips: Will You Call or Text?

Invitation Tips: Will You Call or Text?

Some asked me and other trainers how we should set up appointment in either meeting or one on one appointment.


Now, there are many medium of communications, such as text, email, Facebook message and of course traditional phone call.  Many prefers to use non-phone communications because they don’t have to talk to them…


However, those non-phone communication is by far the worst invitation tool that you can use.   In fact,


I never invite someone for one on one appointment or meeting using text, Facebook message etc.  Why?


Do you remember that communication is consist of 58% is body language, 38% is tone of the voice and ONLY 4% is content (What you say).


You don’t want to rely on only 4% of the communication…  Also non-phone communication has lack certain things such as

  • We cannot tell their tone of voice
  • We cannot convey our excitement or confidence whereby significantly lower the ratio of invitation


Let’s say when you see the text from someone saying that I cannot come to your event.  You cannot feel either they are saying to you “I am not interested”, or “I am not interested I guess…”.  You cannot perceive their tone so it’s hard for you to think they are 100% sure they are not interested.


Only time when I use text is to confirm the meeting information AFTER I speak to them on the phone.  After I set up the appointment (Either meeting or one on one) with them, only then I text them for address, date and time.  I use text as confirmation tool.  I never use text as invitation.


Here you go.  I hope you got tip out of this blog.  If you want to get my detailed notebook, 9 Lessons to Become Successful Home Business Entrepreneur, you can just download  by filling your first name and email address.


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