When it comes to inviting prospects, one of the typical invitation questions that I usually get is


How do you invite? Are you inviting your prospect right away or do you take time to build relationship and then invite?


My answer is always depends…


I have two categories when it comes to inviting style. Here is HOW I personally invite people…


Inviting Style 1: Right away

I invite some categories of people right away. I usually meet those people in random setting, such as restaurant, coffee shop, grocery store etc. Here is how I invite these categories of people.


You are very … (friendly, energetic, kind, sincere… any complement that you think appropriate). We are building our business in this local area and we are always looking for individual who is … (Same as above). Do you open to make extra income? I don’t know if this fit for you but we can exchange phone number


If this is random encounter, I usually invite right away because it is bit weird to build the relationship with the total stranger (They will also think why this person wants to meet me again…). I like cut to the chase to this kind of prospects.


Inviting Style 2: Build relationship

I invite other categories of people after building some relationship. I usually meet them in more formal setting like networking event, meetups and online meeting apps. In many times, I will see and talk to them in coffee shop like Starbucks Coffee. Here is the steps for inviting this category.


Step 1: Chitchat
Step 2: Asking questions to build relationship and find hot button simultaneously
Step 3: Invite


There is no set script for inviting this category of people. It is totally depending on what’s their hot button but these 3 steps are always the same…


If you are just starting out in home business, you really don’t need to think about this. My suggestion is just start prospecting and inviting people. You will learn whole a lot and get more results if you take more actions without thinking too much…



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