Inviting Tip: Pre-Framing Prospects

Inviting Tip: Pre-Framing Prospects

Last night, my office hosted Christmas party for team members, existing clients as well as new prospects. In fact, over 100+ people (Out of 100+ people, 40 people are potential clients / business partners) came to our Christmas party to celebrate the holiday with us…


In business sense, we obviously hosted the event for possible clients acquisition as well as looking for new business partners. So, we were very happy that there were 40 potential prospects at the party. However. what I noticed is that many of potential clients / prospects did not seem to know why they were in the party other than having the foods provided by us.


Inevitably, results were not as good as we expected. When I see this situation, I immediately know the reason why we did not have good results. Do you know the reason? Answer is only one reason…


Lack of pre-frame…


Pre-frame is one of the critical components when it comes to closing the deal. I can literary say that most people don’t have results (Recruiting, Sales etc) because of lack of pre-framing prospects…


Have you ever been in the situation where


  • Prospect did not know why they are meeting you?
  • Prospect was surprised and upset because they did not know?
  • Prospect was not paying attention to your presentation?
  • etc


This is all because of lack of pre-framing prospects. You need to give your prospects heads up as to why you are setting up the appointment with them or inviting to the event / meeting. So, in last night’s Christmas party, although there were 40+ people, most were not informed anything about the purpose of Christmas party (Which is obviously informing them with overview of the company and opportunity) but only informed to have fun and have dinner…


On the other hands, there are few people that joined to our company right after the presentation. Do you know what do they have in common? They knew exactly why they were in the event not for eating but listening to the overview…  This is because the person who invited them did excellent pre-frame. Great pre-frame will give prospects expectation as to why they are in the meeting / appointment without telling them too much.


Many people (especially newbies) are so afraid to tell prospects about the opportunity that they don’t tell true intention (Like tell prospects having fun and food rather than talking to the prospects why they should come to learn about opportunity) and hope for the best. For those people, I can tell you this…


Even if prospects might come to the meeting, there is no shot closing them because you do not give prospect head up as to what’s going to happen…


To do the great pre-frame, you need to have confidence in your company, product, opportunity and most importantly yourself. If you know your opportunity and solution is the best, you will have no problem giving them heads up…


Although getting training on how to pre-frame prospect is important, I highly suggest you to gain confidence on your company, product and opportunity. It’s going to be much easier to talk to prospect about your opportunity if you are totally convinced that this is the best solution for your prospect…



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