Yesterday, I talk about success in inviting, recruiting and sales are all depending on good pre-framing. Some might ask “So what’s the good pre-framing”? In this blog, I would like to dive bit deeper on the subject Pre-framing.


As I said in last blog, great pre-frame will prepare prospects what’s the purpose of the meeting / events. In this way, prospects has full expectation that they will see either product presentation or opportunity presentation. Many, however, are so afraid of getting “No” from prospects that their pre-frame is either very weak or no pre-frame at all. Whereby, prospects will have no idea why they are going to have meeting. I have seen so many cases where prospects got totally upset because the people invited them did not tell (or trick them) the truth. Here is example of not effective pre-framing, let’s say you are inviting for the opportunity meeting.


  • “There are networking event and there are lots of people. You should come and check it out.”
  • “There are many like-minded people. You should come and join us.”
  • “There is a gathering with friends, you should come and join us” (Then, there is white board with guy with a tie etc)
  • “I would love to introduce my mentor. You can come to the office to meet him / her”


All of them are very weak (or straight lie) pre-frame. Prospects will have no idea what’s going to happen at the event. You may think “Are there people asking people to come to the meeting like this?“. Trust me,


I have seen hundreds of people inviting the people like this because they are afraid of getting straight “No”…


So what’s the good pre-framing?

Good pre-frame should let prospects know pretty much what’s going to happen once they arrive so that they know this is opportunity. Here is the couple of good pre-framing examples:


  • “You are very enthusiastic. We are expanding our business in local area and looking for the people like you. I don’t know if this is good fit or not but, we will host the overview so that you can see for yourself if this is good fit.”
  • “We can collaborate each other since our industry is very related. You can come to our overview so that you will have idea of how we can work together”
  • “I know you want more in life and this might be good for you.”


Some prospects might say “No thanks”? Yes, they will but at least they will have full expectation of purpose of meeting. This will increase the probability of prospects


  • coming to the meeting
  • joining your opportunity
  • buying your product from you


And, most importantly, they will never be turned off by this invitation. These bad pre-frames (straight lies) are the exact reason why many hate home business and network marketing as Ray Higdon always say people are not turned off by network marketing but turned off by network marketer…



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