How to Knock Down Any Obstacles for Success

How to Knock Down Any Obstacles for Success

Yesterday, I was training one of my brand new associates.  I actually visited their place for orientation.   In their house, my new associate and his wife was listening to my teaching.  Also, there is associate’s mother sitting in the kitchen.


During the orientation, she commented,


“My people (I mean which nationality, For the respect of readers, I won’t say where they come from) usually drug people down when someone tries to do something outside of the norm and try to succeed.  So, that’s the reason why I doubt that we create success”


So I shared the word that I learned from my mentor.  She said,


“Everyone has different obstacles and challenges.  You can use these for either motivation or excuse.”  


I’ve observed thousands of people who come and go.  Most of people used their challenges as excuses why they are not going to succeed:


  • I don’t have any degree.  That’s the reason why I am not succeeding.
  • I have 3 kids.  I barely have time to do my business so that’s the reason why there is no result.
  • My parents did not teach me anything so that’s the reason why I am not successful.
  • My family does not believe in me so that’s why I don’t create success
  • I work overtime including weekend.  I barely have time for creating success.


We all have different set of obstacles and challenges.  But, we need to know that  many people in much less fortunate situation than us create the success DESPITE because they use those obstacles as motivation.


In one of the company events that I attended, one CEO shared that he lived in war zone back in his own country when he born.  His family tried to do everything they could to move to the United States.  He did not have much of the education but he found and took this opportunity to his heart and run with it.  Now, he is chairman level person with making multiple 7 figure income and helping thousands and thousands of people.   Is this inspiring or what?


Is there story that his or her family is very wealthy from the beginning, they have all the money and spending easy life and create success?  Yes it might be (I don’t know anybody in this lucky situation).  Which one is more inspiring? The hedge fund baby or the story of CEO above?  Of course, the second one.


My other mentor, Ray Higdon also said that we can think two ways:


  • Because of _________ (Fill the blank of negative situation), I will never create success or
  • Oh boy!  My story is going to be such inspiration to a lot of people.


The more serious or major obstacles you have, the more inspirational it’s going to be when you succeed.  You will inspire lots of people and giving hope to them.  Is that really helping people?


My encouragement and wish to all of you is that you choose latter.  If you treat your obstacles as motivation and keep going DESPITE all of those obstacles that you are facing.  You will inspire and help lots of people.



Here you go.  I hope you got value out of this blog.  If you want to get my detailed notebook, 9 Lessons to Become Successful Home Business Entrepreneur, you can just download  by filling your first name and email address.


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