When it comes to building successful home business, we all need to become a leader. If you are in the home business, I am sure that you heard a lot about this comment from your mentors. But, what’s leadership really? When I was at training, my mentor asked everybody,


Are you good leader or nice leader?


There were around 40 people at the training that times. Some people probably did not really understand what she really meant. Yet, when I heard this question from her, I totally know that my mentor knows what she is talking about. Understanding the difference (And most importantly leader actually implement this) will literary make or break your business. The reason why I understood about this is that I learned about this from my former boss at my job.


When I was working for Japanese company, I was quality control supervisor that overseen entire quality for the products that they produced. I was working directly under my boss. He was production manager at that time.


He was very strict and tough boss. I did not like what he did sometime. My boss instructed me to enforce the quality rule and give them corrective action (Penalty) if they are not following this procedure. However, sometimes I let go of employees conducts because I was so cared about being liked. So sometimes, I listened to employees’ excuse. However, one day, production made serious quality problem. Of course, this is partially due to my lack of supervision. When it happened, he called me into his office and he asked me,


Are you good manager or nice manager?


Back then, I did not understand the difference. But, as he talked to me (With loud voice),


I’ve been observed you for your work. I have seen that you are too nice to our production people. This is not recreation. We are here to make profit. If there are too many mistakes and quality problems and if our company financial goes down, who will be suffering? All of us.  I understand sometimes it is hard to tell employees what they don’t like to hear. However, this won’t help the company as well as them. If company does not make money, we eventually need to let them go. We, as a manager, have responsibility to make sure that company has enough profit so that we make sure that employees’ family will be taken care of. By you being nice, is it going to help them?


I did not truly understand what he said to me back then (And, I hated it!!). However, as I am senior partner in my business and mentor fellow associates I totally do see what he said to me…


Just like at my job before, you will have team members will make excuses something like


  • I don’t have time to do this business because I am so busy
  • My family does not support me so I cannot do this business
  • I don’t have money so I cannot go to the training
  • I have kids so I cannot leave kids alone and go to the training
  • I am just too tired to do this business…
  • List goes on and on…


Think yourself, are you the nice leader that always accommodates their excuses or good leader that tell them what they need to hear? Our job, as a leader, is one thing and one thing only: to make sure that they become successful…


We always need to remember that many people join you because they believe that you will be the one that take them to the promise land. Therefore, as a leader, we always keep asking the question if your actions and treatments make them successful or kill their dream or goals.  We are here not for the sake of making friend with them (although it can be part of it) but make them successful.  Your mentees or subordinates may not like what you tell them to do in the beginning.  But trust me,


They will appreciate you after they become successful just like I did…



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