Leadership vs. Management In Your Home Business

Leadership vs. Management In Your Home Business

When it comes to the home business, I am sure that you have thought “How to motivate my team to do more?”.  If you bring even one person into your business, you have thought about it for sure.  So, how to motivate your team to do better?  Are you going to be a cheerleader for them to perform?  I attended leadership meeting few weeks back and other leader in my business shared something very valuable.


When it comes to growing your home business, it is absolutely crucial to understand the difference between leadership and management.  This is exactly what he was teaching us at the leadership event.  He said,


“Only time you will build new team is when you bring / build new leader.”


In most home business, you will need to grow your team in order for you to create success.  If you can’t build new team, then your business will be stagnant and stop growing.  I don’t care if team size is 5, 10, 50, 100, or even 200+, many business owners make mistake of being management role rather than leading by example. This speaker also shared his experience that he was once one of the biggest people in the business but he lost momentum because he turned from leader to managing people.


All of us start from one person, which is you.  So, we all work hard to prospect and recruit more people into our organization.  However, once many have certain numbers of people in their team, they stop doing the thing that created success for them in the first place because they become manager of their team.


I had painful experience around this.  For the first two years of my business, I was working hard to bring more people into my organization.  In other words, I was focusing on personal recruiting.  After 2 years, I started to have sizable number of team and build strong leader.  Here is mistake that I made.  I stopped emphasis on personal recruiting.  Instead, I started to become manager assuming that this leader will stay forever (Well… I still recruited ok numbers but my emphasis is no longer personal recruiting..).


It did not happen…  Sometimes, life happens to certain people and this leader had to step aside for a while.  At the same time, other challenge drove some major forces to be out of business.  After these life incidents, I completely lost momentum on my team and had to rebuild this momentum totally from scratch…


From all of those experiences, I highly encourage people to keep showing your leadership by being do-it-first-leader.  As a leader, you will do the things that you wish your team will do.  By leading by example, some of people in your team will be inspired by your actions and you will eventually identify and build leader that possesses same quality as you have.



I believe that your results will improve exponentially if you just follow this and do not make this mistake.  I hope you got great value out of this blog post. If you want to get my detailed notebook, 9 Lessons to Become Successful Home Business Entrepreneur, you can just download  by filling your first name and email address.


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